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Profile of Hon'ble Minister

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Profile of Hon'ble Minister of State

Shri Kirti Vardhan Singh, Minister of State


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EIACP ICT Support Technical Helpdesk


The Environmental Information Awareness Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme acronymed as EIACP was implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change by end of 6th Five Year Plan as a Plan Scheme for environmental information collection, collation, storage, retrieval and dissemination to policy planners, decision makers, scientists and environmentalists, researchers, academicians and other stakeholders. ENVIS is a decentralized computerized network database system consisting of the focal point located in the Ministry and a chain of network partners, known as ENVIS Centres located in the potential organizations/institutions throughout the country.

Frequently Asked Questions



Where is Complete List of Addresses and Contact Details of the EIACP Programme Centres?




Where is information related to the Grading and Past Performance of the EIACP (earstwhile ENVIS) Centres?


How should a Utilisation Certificate (UC) be produced? Any template for reference?

 Utilisation Certificate must conform to a format acceptable to the Ministry. Here is a general format for reference.


What are the Guidelines Governing EIACP?

For reading revised Guidelines Governing the EIACP, please click here [PDF, 811 KB].


How to apply for VPN Digital Certificate to enable access to NIC server for updating EIACP (ENVIS) website? 

For applying a fresh VPN digital certificate or renewal of an existing one, please visit [Ext. Link]
Complete INSTRUCTIONS for filling the form are provided here. [PDF, 295 KB]


How to access EIACP (ENVIS) E-mail account?

An access to your Mailbox has been provided through URL  or

For example: If your ENVIS Email Address is "" then User-ID would be "abc-env". Initially, a random Password was assigned to all email accounts. You have to contact us through alternate email followed-up by phone to know your password or for resetting the forgotton password. (Two-ways of authentications of right person asking for password).


How to upload/update EIACP (ENVIS) Website?


The webspace for your website has already been taken/registered on NIC Servers at NIC-IDC, New Delhi with a URL as indicated in the table below. So, you just need to have the VPN facility started on your premises for uploading/updating your ENVIS website. Website hosting platform is Microsoft IIS together with MS-Access and MS-SQL Databases. For further details, you are requested to contact NIC Technical Person as indicated above from your official ENVIS Email Account/Address. First you need to configure yourself the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection on one designated PC for ENVIS Website Updation in your premises (if it is not done till date. It is only one-time exercise). For regular updation of your website, you just have to connect to NICNET VPN Server through your VPN Connection. Once the connection is established, you will be able to transfer your website contents onto your website using any FTP Client Software like CuteFTP or Filezilla etc. FTP Server details can be asked from NIC Technical Person or ENVIS Focal Point through official ENVIS Email Account/Address. It will be supplied after VPN is setup. Procedure for setting-up VPN Connection is as follows:
Fill up the VPN Digital Certificate Request Form online at and take print. The same must be signed by by In-charge ENVIS Centre and counter-signed by Controlling Officer or Head of Organisation and send it to ENVIS Focal Point, New Delhi by Speed/Registered Post.
After verification of VPN Form, ENVIS Focal Point would forward it to NIC.
NIC Would send the VPN Account details and Procedure for setting up VPN Connection through ENVIS Email Address to ENVIS Centre within two or three days of the receipt of verified Form.


How to set-up VPN Connection?


A step-by-step procedure is described by NIC here.


Who are the important contact persons in case of any problem?


Sh. Kumar Rajnish, National Programme Coordinator
EIACP Programme Cell, 011-24695377 (

Note: For any technical difficulties in operating Email Account, Updating Website and sending E-mails through E-mailing List, please contact Technical Director (NIC) at Phone 011-24695410, E-mail or you can contact us at Phone 011-24695377, E-mail us at