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Profile of Hon'ble Minister

Profile of Hon'ble Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change

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Report on Air Quality Status of Delhi

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Important Bacteria and their Applications APP



Important Bacteria and their Applications: Android Apps





This apps contains information about Important Bacteria and their Applications

1. Welcome to Important Bacteria and their Applications App –Version 1.0.

2. This is specially designed for students, researchers, scientist, and the general who are interested to know about the economic importance of Algae by ENVIS Centre on Environmental Biotechnology. 

3. Click on the app and explore the Important Bacteria and their Applications

4. You can search by 4 categories- Agriculture/Industrial/Pathogen/ and Pollution Abatement of Bacteria

5. Click on any one of category to see the species name and further click on the species find the details of description, classification, images and applications.

6. In the bottom of every page you can search the Bacterial species by name for details

7. For more info click on the links: HTTP://DESKUENVIS.NIC.IN

Note: Internet connection in your mobile phone/tablet is mandatory to run this app.
Use this APP and let us know your feedback:   DESKU@ENVIS.NIC.IN or call us at +913325808749

Supported by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India. 


Designed by: ENVIS Centre on Environmental Biotechnology, University of Kalyani



The ENVIS Co-ordinator ENVIS Centre on Environmental Biotechnology
Department of Environmental Science 
University of Kalyani, 
Kalyani, Nadia; 
Pin : 741 235, 
West Bengal, India
Contact No: +91-33- 25808749, +91-33- 25828750 Ext.291/292 


Title : Important Bacteria and their Applications (Android Version1.0)
Month of Issue: September
Year: 2015
Published by:

ENVIS Centre on Environmental Biotechnology, Dept. of Environmental Science, University of Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal

KeyWords : desku, environmental biotech, Bacteria, Importance of Bacteria, Importance of Bacteriaand their Applications




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Date of News:  19-Feb-2016