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Various online competitions, quiz and webinars are being organised by ENVIS Hubs and Resource Partne – Posted 6 Month ago   

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Ozone Day

On the occasion of 'World Ozone Day- 2021 ENVIS Hubs and Resource Partners (RPs) are organizing Webinar, competitions and various other activiti...

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Coastal Ecosystems


ENVIS Resource Partner at TERI (The Energy and Resources institute), a member of ENVIS Network and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change organized a webinar on the topic “Coastal Ecosystems: Sustainable livelihoods and protection from climate change” on 23rd September 2021 from 11:30-13:00 hrs.

The session aimed at understanding coastal ecosystems, issues and problems and the best management practices that are being implemented on ground to combat climate change. The speakers also discussed the successful ways of conservation of marine resources by each individual, community, departments and the measures taken by our government in this aspect.

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Date of News:  25-Sep-2021