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Flora is basically the plant life that is present in a particular region or habitat or at a particular time and fauna is the animal life that is present in a particular region or habitat or at a particular time. Biodiversity is a very large topic and somewhat difficult to define adequately in only a sentence or two. In the very simplest terms, "biodiversity" means the diversity of life on our planet, which includes genetic diversity, species diversity, and habitat diversity. U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment has defined bodiversity as "Biological diversity is the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur. Diversity can be defined as the number of different items and their relative frequency. For biological diversity, these items are organized at many levels, ranging from complete ecosystems to the chemical structures that are the molecular basis of heredity. Thus, the term encompasses different ecosystems, species, genes, and their relative abundance." The area of flora, fauna and biodiversity is quite interrelated. Flora and fauna forms a major part of biodiversity.

India is a land of varied flora, fauna and biodiversity. India is one of the twelve megadiverse nations of the World. Two of India's great mountain ranges, the Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats have been designated among the world's eighteen 'hotspots' of biodiversity. But In the last few decades we have seen a steady increase in the extinction rate of flora, fauna etc. all over world including India and so now, conservation of biological diversity is of paramount importance to the survival of man. Conservation of biological diversity leads to conservation of essential ecological diversity to preserve the continuity of food chains. The genetic diversity of plants and animals is preserved. It ensures the sustainable utilisation of life support systems on earth. It provides a vast knowledge of potential use to the scientific community. A reservoir of wild animals and plants is preserved, thus enabling them to be introduced, if need be, in the surrounding areas. Biological diversity provides immediate benefits to the society such as recreation and tourism. Biodiversity conservation serves as an insurance policy for the future.

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Subject Area Subnetwork Area
Centre for Advanced Studies in Marine Biology(CASMB)
Annamalai Unniversity
Parangipettai-608 502, Tamil Nadu

Phone: 04144-243223, 243533
Fax: 04144- 243555
Email Id:
Org. URL: 
Prof. T. Balasubramanian - Director and Centre Incharge

Email Id:
Mangroves, Estuaries, Lagoons, Coral Reefs  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
Zoological Survey of India(ZSI)
Prani Vigyan Bhawan
M Block, New Alipur
Kolkata-700053, West Bengal

Phone: 033-24003925, 24008595, 24006893
Fax: 033-24006893
Email Id:
Org. URL:   
Dr. Ashok Sanyal - Director

Dr. Dr. Achintya Chattopadhyay - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id: 

Faunal Biodiversity  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
Botanical Survey of India(BSI)
CNH Building, 3rd Floor
Indian Botanic Garden
Howrah-711103, West Bengal

Phone: 033-26680667, 26683235
Fax: 033-26686226
Email Id:
Org. URL: 
Dr. M. Sanjappa - Director

Shri. P.Lakshminarasimhan - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id:
Floral Biodiversity  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
Forest Research Institute(FRI)
Indian Council of Forestry Research Education
New forest - P.O.
Dehradun-248006, Uttarakhand

Phone: 0135-2756414
Fax: 0135-2756865
Email Id:
Org. URL: 
Dr. S.S. Negi - Director

Mr. Shalindra Kaushik - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id:
Forestry  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
Wildlife Institute of India(WII)
PO Box NO. 18, Chandrabani

Dehradun-248001, Uttarakhand

Phone: 0135-2640910, 2640304
Fax: 0135-2640117
Email Id:
Org. URL: 
Dr. P.R. Sinha - Director

Dr. V.B. Mathur - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id:
Wildlife and Protected Area Management  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
Department of Environmental Sciences - Kalyani University
University of Kalyani
Dist. Nadia-741235, West Bengal

Phone: 033-25808749
Fax: 033-25828282
Email Id:
Org. URL:   
Prof. Arabinda Kumar Das - Vice Chancellor

Prof. S.C. Santra - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id:
Enviornmental Biotechnology  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
Department of Zoology - University of Madras
Life Science Building,
Guindy Campus,
Chennai-600 025, Tamil Nadu

Phone: 044-22300899
Fax: 044-22300899
Email Id:
Org. URL: 
Prof. N. Munusamy - Hon. Director/ENVIS Co-ordinator

Email Id:
Micro-organisms and environmental management  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
National Botanical Research Institute(NBRI)
Rana Pratap Marg

Lucknow-226 001, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 0522-2205842 (303), 2205839
Fax: 0522-2205847
Email Id:
Org. URL: 
Dr. C.S. Nautiyal - Director

Dr. Nandita Singh - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id:
Indicators of Plant Pollution  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT)
74/2, Jarakbande Kaval,
Yelahanka, via Attu PO,
Bengaluru-560 064, Karnataka

Phone: 080-28565847, 28568007
Fax: 080-28565895
Email Id:
Org. URL: 
Dr. D.K. Ved - IFS, Director

Ms. Suma TS - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id:
Conservation of Medicinal Plants  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
10  State Council of Science and Technology for Sikkim

Gangtok-737 102, Sikkim

Phone: 03592-205551
Fax: 03592-228764
Email Id:
Org. URL:   
Shri. M.L Arrawatia,IFS - Secretary, Dept. of Science & Technology

Mr. D.T.Bhutia - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id:,
Ecotourism  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 



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