How to set-up VPN Connection

After getting VPN Account Details through EMAIL from VPN Support. You have to complete the following steps:

1. Logon to VPN Support Website "" to check your VPN Account and for downloading VPN software / procedures.

2. Logon to "" to enroll for VPN Digital Certificate (DC) Refer section 'Enrollment of Digital Certificate' in the Procedure.

3. After enrollment send the request ID to for issuing DC from Official ENVIS Email Account followed-up by phone to VPN Support.

4. Download and install Cisco VPN Client software: Logon to VPN Support Website, select VPN software according to your PC O.S. and download the software. Refer section 'Installation of Cisco VPN Client software Windows/ Linux' in the Procedure.

5. Configure VPN connection: Give the following entries

i. Connection entry : NIC VPN

ii. Host : or

iii. Certificate Authentication: select your current Digital Certificate.

6. Check VPN Connection: From DOS prompt check

i. Using 'nslookup', check if your website is resolved from

ii. Using browser, check if you are able to view your site.

7. Contact your NIC Coordinator to get FTP Account of the website.