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FAO Reports & Guidelines

Forest genetic resources Conservation and management (Vol. 1-3)

Vol 1:

Vol 2

Vol 3

Genetic considerations in ecosystem restoration using native tree species

Global Forest Resources Assessmant 2015

Field Training Guides

Managing small holder teak plantations

Tree Seed Management Seed Sources, Seed Collection and Seed Handling

International Proceedings

Proceedings of the (APFORGEN) National Coordinators Meeting and International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) Project PD 199/03 Rev.3 (F) Update, Dehradun, India, 15–16 April 2006

Seed Orchards Proceedings from a conference at Umeå, Sweden, September 26-28, 2007

29th Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference Tree Improvement in North America: Past, Present, and Future Joint Meeting

Proceedings: Advances in Somatic embryogenesis of Trees and Its
Application for the Future Forests and Plantations
August 19-21, 2010, Suwon, Republic of Korea

Proceedings:17th Biennial
Southern Silvicultural Research
Shreveport, Louisiana
March 5 – 7, 2013
United States Department of Agriculture

32nd Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference, Clemson, SC, June 10-13, 2013


Technical Notes

Planning National Programmes for Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources


Tree species manuals

Growing East African Sandalwood Guidelines for Tree Growers

June 2014


Swietenia macrophylla King

Ecology, silviculture and productivity